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What I Can Do FOR YOU!
Assertive and communication training, various aspects of Leadership development. Bespoke and of the shelf packages available. For any size groups, 2 hours, half a day or full days training in-house or external venue centrally located.
YOUth LEADership programme for college students, can work within a college tutor group structure. Born2Lead4 Little Leaders has been developed for schools, both primary and secondary age. Extensive knowledge and experience of the UK Education system and experience of creating, developing and managing a Leadership Academy.
iLead4 adults getting back to work training. A package that focuses on employability skills, soft skills, confidence and self esteem. Working with young people and adults to retrain and develop the mindset and skills to step back to the world of work.
One to One
KiE Method confidence coaching. This 30 day programme has been designed to work with you on a structured and intense level. We work with you one to one with daily emails, weekly meetings, webinars and regular feedback. You learn to let go and move away for what holds you back and develop the capacity for what you want and need.
Training on fundraising. Specialized training for any groups in college, school, companies or communities who want to learn the A to Z about fundraising with a definite action plan of how to with a list of funding opportunities at the end.
Motivational talks thats insightful, educational, entertaining, inspiring and encourages you to take action. Any group, any size, all sectors including voluntary and cultural centres. Specialised topics on Leadership development and confidence building.
More about me...
Life Skills Trainer / Strategic & Management Training/ Youth Development Founder, Head Trainer and Manager of The Leadership AcademyMasters certificate in Leading in Educational practice /Oxford Brooks University [Level 7] Master Facilitator for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens / FranklyCoveyMaster Practitioner of NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming]Diploma in Youth Work and Community Education Diploma in Psychotherapy Diploma in Kinesiology Certificate in Hypnotherapy /LCCH

KiE Leadership Training And Development

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Hi, I am Kiechelle and I would like to welcome you to my website. I hope to inspire, educate, amuse, entertain and inform you on leadership, self confidence, self esteem and personal development.
Self esteem / self confidence is the backbone that runs through all my training programmes, workshops and seminars. I am a Confidence Strategist, Trainer, Workshop and Seminar Leader, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Poet.
Having spent the last 18 years in the personal development industry I have made it my life's mission to become an agent of change. My endless enthusiasm, positive outlook, curious and playful nature makes my approach innovative, ground breaking and sometimes unorthodox but always insightful and result orientated.
My speciality is soft skills training and I have immense experience in both the private and public sector. My main areas are leadership development, high impact communication, employability training and confidence building for individuals, schools, colleges, women only groups, mixed groups, companies and corporations.
I look forward to hearing from you on your own journey of development.
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